Insights – ACIM – A Childs Separation

Sharing from the Spirituality – Think About It site ;D enjoy…Take what you like and leave the rest.

Spirituality - Think About It!


I always feel a deep gratitude for the time I am blessed to spend with spiritual people. And God always delivers what I need.

Today I was struck by a moment of realization that I wanted to share. The understanding that happened for me reflects back to reading I am doing from A Course In Miracles.

Sin is often described as the separation from God. Our separation from our creator, our Father. And it came to me in real form an example for explanation from God.

I have friends in the Amish community whom I occasionally drive from place to place, especially in inclement weather. This morning I picked up a friend and in the course of our travelling we talked about God as we often do. Peaceful. They are making Christmas Falls for doors and decorations. And so my van was filled with pine, eucalyptus and evergreen, a delicious…

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About Adrienne

I am Canadian born, for those of you needing clarification. I was raised in Minnesota, The Land of 10,000 Lakes, Multiple Musical Geniuses, Lake Wobegon, and really, really cold winters. Writing, Music and Photography are my passions. My current companion is my camera though my guitars and the piano are always close by and often consulted. Inspiration is everywhere and so is beauty. I now reside in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. I love to write, ponder and give back what I have learned in my journey with the hope that it will benefit others.

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