Daily Insights – February 2, 2015 – Are we ready?

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Step one to Step two, are we ready?  Many of us had become content to stay where we were.  Neither dying or healing.  In constant limbo for lack of a better word. And truly this is not suprising.  Lack of committment to a process or people because of fear of the unknown has often kept many of us in that place.  It is the nature of the beast, the nature of the dis-ease.

It’s taken years to get to where we are, it was a gradual journey.  As it is with most illnesses, the spiral downwards begins impercievably.  We are comfortable with that.  As we turn to Step 2 we are still moving in that pace.  But it will not always be that way.

We are still in that uncomfortable familiar wishy washy place.  So how do we know if we’re ready?  Most times the answer seems to be that it’s that one AHA mment.  That one moment when we understand in a flash, the truth of where we are, of a moment in time that says, I’m ready.

It is a point of beginning, of creation.  Not unlike any other creation story.  It happens in a fash.  Then God said, “Let there be Light.” and there was light.  .  And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness.” It’s that quick.  And at that point our new world begins because we are ready for it.  Because in that one flash of insight, we see the difference between light and the darkness we have been living in.

In that moment, the only moment there is, there is healing.  Doesn’t mean it’s not a struggle, it doesn’t mean we won’t mess up, we are not our Higher Power so it is a given that we will.  But it means, we have a beginning. And we work at creating what what we can, being not this mess of darkness and dispair that has brought so many of us here.  Mosts of the time we’ll be working at it. And there will be days where we rest.  Where we sit back and say “yeah, this is good.”  And then, we start living our life and utilizing the tools.

So are we ready if we haven’t had that “epiphany moment”?  Absolutely.  Because these moments happen all the time.  These moments, their intensity, happen in that moment and like with every other moment in the past that is no longer real it fades if we don’t focus on it.  I’d invite you to explore those moments you have had, those moments of awakening.  Those moments of creation.  Be a witness to it and share that.

This program gives us many tools.  We learn that sharing helps others and that helps ourselves.  For what we give away we receive.  Share your stories of struggle,yes,  but share the experience of those epiphany moments share the power and brilliance of those AHA moments. What we give we receive, when we share we are extending hope to those around us.   You are here, you are ready.


About Adrienne

I am Canadian born, for those of you needing clarification. I was raised in Minnesota, The Land of 10,000 Lakes, Multiple Musical Geniuses, Lake Wobegon, and really, really cold winters. Writing, Music and Photography are my passions. My current companion is my camera though my guitars and the piano are always close by and often consulted. Inspiration is everywhere and so is beauty. I now reside in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. I love to write, ponder and give back what I have learned in my journey with the hope that it will benefit others. www.spiritualitythinkaboutit.org www.12stepsthinkaboutit.org www.labyrinthphotos.com

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