Step 2 – Think About It

Step 2

Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to Sanity

Working Step 2 is a continual and constant awakening. A great thing about spirituality is that it can always go deeper.  In the beginning of “came to believe” it is sometimes little by little that we realize that a power greater than ourselves is working in our lives.  Sometimes it is a sudden awakening and sometimes it’s gradual. Some come to a 12 step program with a concept of a Higher Power, or with a well formed belief in tact and some do not. Whether it is a re meeting, a deeper commitment or as it states we “come to believe” our Higher Power is always there.

“Here are some ideas members have used to help them increase their faith in a Power greater than themselves.

♥ Saying the Serenity Prayer every morning and every evening or anytime we feel overwhelmed or ill at ease.

♥ Meditating on “God, grant me the serenity,” one word at a time.

♥Being still and asking for help whenever a situation seems too much to take.

♥Recognizing sane behavior and acknowledging it.  Taking notice of small miracles – a bright-eyed child, a counding puppy, a friends call just when it’s needed.

♥Acting as if we have faith.  Being still, asking for guidance, then going about the days business assuming it will come.

♥Laughing; trying to remember some funny occurrence to share at a meeting.

♥Making a list of the things beyond understanding that have happened in life that might suggest the existence of a Higher Power.

♥Asking for the “courage to change the things we can” and then completely letting go of the results.

Excerpt From: Paths to Recovery, pg.21


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