Step 3 – Think About It

Step Three
Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

Meditating on this step has been a blessing to me. Looking at turning our whole life over to the God of our understanding is a huge thing. Our Higher Power knows this. As it says in Step Two, we “come to believe” it is gradual. Where step Two indicates we came to believe that our Higher Power “could” restore us…Step Three asks us to put this to the test…gradually.

The first statement in Step Three is: Made a decision to turn our will…over to the care of God as we understood him.

Will is a funny thing. It is not constant, it is momentary and changes. Turning our will over to God is a gradual step because it can be done instant by instant. My will in this moment and my will in the next may be different. Turning our will of the moment over (one day, one hour, one minute at a time) puts our “will”ingness into action.

I may want someone to share an opinion or agree with me on something that they simply don’t. In that moment my will is aptly to try to change another’s opinion or belief. What happens when I turn that over to God? I may state my opinion, say what I think or believe, and then I turn my desire to change another over to God. The same is conversely true. When someone is trying to share their opinion and my will is…I don’t want to…I can turn that instance of my will over to God…actively listen and maybe God’s will is that I understand something I didn’t understand before, that I learn something new.

We can do this in the smallest of instances. They don’t have to be huge. Gradually we see the miraculousness of it.  Then we see instances in quanity. The more we practice it the easier it becomes.

As we begin to see this working with the little every day things we can begin to trust it with the bigger things. Gradual steps.

Turning our lives over seems somehow bigger, scarier especially when we first look at the Twelve Steps.  It’s not just the little things but our whole life.  I have found that as with all of the 12 steps this is an ongoing step.  We continue to do this.  I have heard people say they do this every morning.  I have heard of turning life over every hour.  As we begin to turn our instances of will over to the God of our understanding,  it is almost a natural progression to turn over areas of our lives to the care of the God of our understanding.

The Twelve Steps are always in motion.




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  1. I love reading these articles becsaue they’re short but informative.

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