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Adult Children of Alcoholics


Codependents Anonymous




  1. Jill

    Can I get the 3 daily readers deliverd daily 2 me by email

    • There is a link to subscribe on the upper right side of the main page of the site Jill. I generally use one reading out of about 5 or 6 different readers a day. There are three Al-Anon or CAL books that I use, Courage 2 Change, One Day At A Time and Hope for Tomorrow. The other readers are put out by Hazelden which include authors such as Melody Beattie and others. Occasionally I’ll post more than one reading in a day but that is rare. You may get some inspiring quotes and pix or slogans occasionally as well. Welcome to 12 Steps!!!!!!

  2. We definitely support the 12-steps at Central Recovery Treatment’s Las Vegas Recovery Center ( There is years of data behind it being the best ongoing approach to prevention and recovery.

  3. Cindy

    I am finding the right side of the page difficult and at times impossible to read with the art work.

  4. Excellent site well designed and great content keep up the great work. Please check out my recovery blog here. and pass it on in order to help others in recovery. Thanks and Good luck!

  5. Dani

    Is there a site like this for those who are in recovery?

    • In most cases those afflicted directly with addiction are double whammied so to speak…addiction rarely raises its head where those closest to us haven’t been. There are many G+ sites for Aa na etc.

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